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Cobb Law has a team of lawyers who provide outstanding advice and representation to clients for a range of matters including family law, criminal law, traffic law, domestic violence, dispute resolution, mediation and Wills and Estates.

Reasons to Choose Cobb Law

  • When you choose Cobb Law you are selecting a law firm that is backed by a team of experienced lawyers
  • You are choosing a legal firm that takes pride in delivering unique, transparent services to every client, every day
  • Cobb Law charges a fixed fee for most practice activities, and every customer is given an initial twenty-minute consultation for free
  • Our clients have real peace of mind – they know they are in good hands with our lawyers, and they know how much it is going to cost!

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Meet the Principal

Peter Cobb is a lawyer who brings extensive experience. He is a skilled advocate who is not afraid to fight for his client’s rights and liberty. When you approach our firm with a problem, Peter will personally listen to your concerns and provide expert advice and representation to you. Peter provides each person with the same thorough representation and access to Peter twenty-four hours a day, seven days per week.

Peter’s powerful advocacy and highly skilled mediation are in demand because he is highly trained, and his capacity for empathy matches his expertise. This means client sessions remain respectful and filled with warmth while he works hard to find equitable solutions for all parties.

Cobb Law provides the finest legal representation and services, an initial free twenty-minute consultation, and a fixed fee structure that is transparent and easy to understand. This approach is a great relief to our clients and allows them to focus on managing their legal case.

Do you need legal advice or representation? Call Cobb Law today to make your initial free twenty-minute appointment.

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