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Can I get a work licence?

July 29, 2016

If you have been charged with a drink driving offence under Queensland Traffic Law, Cobb Law, Gold Coast lawyers can provide legal services to assist you with applying for a work licence if you still need your licence for work.
Traffic law in Queensland is complex and you will need an advocate from Cobb Law to apply to the courts on your behalf for a work licence.

A work licence is essentially a “restricted licence” but it allows you to drive for work.

The definition of “work” in a work licence does not include being unemployed, job seeking, driving children to and from school, or having to drive anyone to doctors or hospital appointments.

Cobb Law can make the application to the courts for a work licence and if the magistrate grants you a work licence, there will be conditions imposed such as the times and purpose for which you are allowed to drive. Even with the assistance of a lawyer from Cobb Law though, it does not guarantee the magistrate will grant a person a work licence.

The solicitors at Cobb Law will be able to determine if you are eligible for a work licence under the current criteria which is:

  • You hold a current Queensland open drivers licence
  • You were not driving under a licence that required a 0% blood alcohol concentration (a learner licence or a provisional licence)
  • You have not had a licence suspended, disqualified or cancelled in the past 5 years in any State
  • You have not been convicted of drink or dangerous driving in any State in the past 5 years
  • Your blood alcohol concentration at time of the offence was less than 0.15%
  • You are not already on a work licence
  • You have been charged with drink driving
  • You intend to plead guilty to drink driving
  • You need your driver’s licence for work

If you fit the criteria for a work licence, Cobb Law can assist you make an application to the magistrates court for a work licence. You will need to show the magistrates court that:

  • you are a ‘fit and proper person’
  • that you will lose your job if you aren’t granted a work licence, causing hardship to yourself or to your family

Cobb Law have successfully applied for work licences on behalf of clients from the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, Beaudesert and the Gold Coast. Cobb Law will be able to prepare the affidavits you will require from your employer or from yourself if you are self-employed.

Dealing with complex Traffic Law, applying for a work licence and preparing affidavits can be a difficult and stressful predicament if you are trying to do this by yourself.

If you need help with a recent drink driving charge and getting a work licence, call Cobb Law. Our lawyers can assist you to fully understand your options and expertly represent you in the magistrate’s court.

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