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Domestic Violence. How we can help.

December 5, 2016

Every single day in Australia people suffer at the hands of domestic violence. Women and men can be subject to domestic violence during their relationships and it has a profound effect on the victims.

The definition of domestic violence is behaviour that is physically, sexually, emotionally, psychologically or economically abusive; threatening or coercive; or any other way which controls or dominates another person causing fear.

Domestic violence includes damage of and threats to a person’s property.

Often the victims of domestic violence feel ashamed, isolated, frightened, worthless, depressed and responsible for the abuse. Many feel frightened to seek help.

If you or a family member are a victim of domestic abuse, there are ways you can get help. Contact the police on 000 if you are in immediate need of help.

Cobb Law can help you apply for a domestic violence order. It may be that you are seeking legal advice prior to lodging your application.

Once an application is made and the respondent served, there will be a court date. The magistrate will consider whether the aggrieved wishes to proceed with the application and what are the respondent’s intentions. Depending on what unfolds the matter may be finalised on the day.  If the respondent agrees with the order being made, a Protection Order will be made.  If the respondent chooses not to attend, and if there is evidence the application was served, an order may be made against them.

Cobb Law can provide you or your family member with an initial twenty-minute consultation free of charge to answer any questions you may have and to help you navigate through domestic violence orders.

If you decide to proceed with a domestic violence order and court proceedings, our team will provide expert legal services and representation to help you understand the process.

If you are in immediate danger of domestic violence, call the Police on 000. Don’t hesitate to call the team at Cobb Law today, if you need help with a domestic violence matter.

We are based on the Gold Coast but service clients from Northern NSW, through to Brisbane.

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