Domestic Violence

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Domestic Violence: know your legal rights

Anyone in an intimate relationship, family relationship or informal care relationship can apply for a domestic violence order. If you are subjected to domestic violence you can:

  • Apply for a temporary protection order, or
  • Contact the police

Domestic Violence- Gold Coast - Providing continuing support and representation

Domestic Violence includes:

  • Damage to property or threats to destroy property
  • Physical abuse including punching, pushing, slapping, choking or twisting limbs
  • Stalking including repeated non-consenting contact via phone, email or social network
  • Coercive and threatening behaviour designed to control or intimidate
  • Preventing contact with family and friends, or cultural and spiritual connections
  • Emotional abuse including threatening to kill you or someone you care about
  • Threatening suicide or self-harm

Generally speaking, if your partner engages in activities specifically designed to intimidate, harass or cause harm to you or people you love, his or her behaviour constitutes domestic violence.

How to Apply for a Domestic Violence Order

Urgent temporary protection orders are available for individuals who are at immediate risk.

Before applying for a non-urgent domestic violence order make sure you have obtained legal advice and lodge your application. Your respondent will be served.

We understand that all families are different and not every family in conflict is broken. Cobb Law can also provide mediation, dispute resolution and advocacy to help get your family relationships back on track.

In cases with a domestic violence order and court proceedings, Cobb Law will arrange outstanding legal advice and representation. We provide an initial twenty-minute consultation free of charge for all of our legal services. If you need help with a domestic violence matter, please do not hesitate to call us today.

* If your domestic violence matter is urgent and you feel your life is in danger, please call the police for assistance.
We also assist with criminal law, family law, wills and estates, traffic law, mediation and conflict resolution.

Domestic Violence- Gold Coast - Woman jailed for lying in affadavit

Some applications for DV are taken out vexatiously, dishonestly and to help strengthen their family law proceedings. We at Cobb law have fought strenuously against such false accusations and have successfully defended such applications.

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