Family Law

The Cobb Law team is experienced in relationship and family law and can assist with property settlement dispute resolution and financial arrangements. We provide expert advice and representation for the following family law matters:

  • Marriages
  • De Facto relationships
  • Same sex relationships
  • Divorce
  • Children’s issues
  • Property Settlement
  • Spousal Maintenance

Family Law - Gold Coast - Discussion with crime and law

Getting the Right Advice

It is important to get the right information before you make arrangements for property settlement and child custody. Our lawyers will discuss your alternatives to court including mediation, conciliation and arbitration, and make sure you understand your legal rights and obligations. You can rely on Cobb Law to provide consistent, easy to comprehend advice throughout your separation or divorce.

The court will not grant a divorce unless proper arrangements are in place for any children under the age of eighteen, so you should obtain legal advice first and make sure any issues regarding custodial arrangements are resolved as quickly as possible. Family law is there to protect all parties and make sure everything is dealt with in the right manner.

Cobb Law also provides mediation for property settlement disputes related to divorce and separation. Our Principal Peter Cobb is a nationally accredited mediator who has the experience and knowledge required to ensure help families in conflict.

Financial Agreements

Binding financial agreements have become increasingly popular in recent times. They can be entered into during a relationship, after separation or before marriage. Financial agreements include arrangements reached between yourself and your spouse about property settlements and maintenance. Child support is usually dealt with separately. You are entitled to make a financial agreement at any time but it will only be binding if both parties have received independent legal advice before signing.

Cobb Law offers an initial free twenty-minute consultation and fixed-fee representation so you will know exactly from your first consultation until your last exactly how much your legal fees will be. We are proud to provide a supportive, transparent service to our customers at a time when many are experiencing trauma and grief. Browse through our client testimonials to find out more, visit our about us page, or browse our FAQ page.

If you require advice on a family law matter or are in need of legal services, please do not hesitate to call Cobb Law today to make your appointment.

Even though we are based on the Gold Coast, we service Northern New South Wales, Gold Coast and Brisbane for criminal law, family law, wills and estates, traffic law, dispute resolution, mediation and much more.

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