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A legally binding Will and Testament is the only way to make sure that your estate is administered according to your wishes. The Wills and Estates lawyers at Cobb Law will ensure your property is correctly administered. Rest assured that there will be no confusion: your money and assets will go to the people and organisations nominated by you. When you choose Cobb Law to draw up your last Will and Testament or administer your estate, you are choosing complete peace of mind. Our wills and estates solicitors ensure that loved ones are dealt with in the most respectful and compassionate way.

When you speak to a solicitor at Cobb Law about your last Will and Testament you can also take the opportunity to establish trust funds, name guardians for young children and make bequests to charitable and philanthropic organisations.

Wills and Estates - Gold Coast - The people and organisations nominated

Why you need a Will

It does not matter how little or how much you possess it is important to have a valid Will that sets out your wishes and names beneficiaries to your estate. Your Will remains valid until it is updated. There are particular events in your life journey that will require an updated Will including:

  • A change in relationship – marriage, divorce, entering or separating from a de facto partnership
  • Changes in your financial circumstances or asset holdings
  • The birth or death of children or grandchildren
  • The death of a spouse, partner or another beneficiary to your Will
  • A change of beneficiary
  • Retirement or changing your State or Country of residence

An individual who dies without a valid Will and Testament in Queensland is classified as dying intestate. Dying intestate in Queensland can have severe consequences for your loved ones including:

  • Non-distribution of assets and funds until your estate is settled. This means your assets and money may be frozen, placing extra stress and strain on your loved ones at a time of grief and loss
  • Your assets and money may not be distributed in accordance with your wishes, as your wishes cannot be established. Only a last will and testament can identify what you want
  • There is greater potential for conflict among relatives and other beneficiaries

Deceased Estate Disputes

Grief and loss can make emotions run high. Conflicts can arise over the division of a deceased estate and beneficiaries are often unable to discuss matters calmly. In these circumstances Cobb Law can provide experienced advice to assist all parties.

Most conflicts are successfully managed outside the legal system, however, if an individual believes that the terms of a Will have been compromised by the undue influence of another person or the incapacity of the person signing the Will they can challenge the document.
Cobb Law offers an initial free twenty-minute consultation, so why not take advantage and find out how we can help you gain peace of mind about your affairs. If you want to know more about Cobb Law, visit our about us page, or browse our FAQ page.

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