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Representation with drug offences

December 15, 2016

If you are held for questioning by police regarding drug offences, you are entitled to “remain silent”.  By this we mean you can provide to the police your name, address and phone number, but you do not need to do is give any more information to police, make statements or sign any documents without seeking the advice of your lawyer.

If you’ve been asked to assist police with their enquiries, contact your lawyer first, as any admission may be used against you.

Depending on the circumstances, police may seek to charge you with a range of offences including possession and supply.  Consequences for drug offences include fines, probation, intensive corrective orders, community service orders or imprisonment.

It is imperative you seek legal services for any drug offence as early as possible so you are not disadvantaged with severe penalties in any subsequent court proceeding.

Cobb Law on the Gold Coast’s, principal and lawyer Peter Cobb, has expertly represented clients who have been charged with drug offences for many years.  With extensive courtroom experience and knowledge of criminal law, your rights will be protected with Cobb Law.

If you want the best outcome possible with any drug offences, call Cobb Lawyers for expert legal representation. We offer an initial free twenty-minute appointment and offer our legal services to clients from Northern NSW, the Gold Coast, through to Brisbane.

We can also assist with family law matters, wills and estates, traffic Law, dispute resolution and mediation.

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